iCare Calibration kit for pH and ORP bundle

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Calibration kit v4. This kit allows to ensure that iCare’s measurements remain accurate and thus optimize its performance. It contains three 20ml buffer solutions: – 1 pH 4 – 1 pH 7 – 1 ORP + 1 iCare calibration stand + 1 calibration & sensor replacement guide. We recommend a calibration of the sensors every 12 months, or if you notice a drift in the measurements. Need help? Watch our tutorial: How to calibrate iCare Calibration kit for pH and ORP. We also recommend cleaning the sensor ends to ensure great results with your measurements. HOW TO CALIBRATE YOUR ICO by Ondilo – YouTube

Be sure to keep your instructions and white holding tray so you can take advantage of our calibration refill kit. CLB-RFL-KIT


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