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Feel great water

SoftSkinSpa™ is specially formulated to make your hot tub more enjoyable.  SoftSkinSpa™ gives the feeling of Softness, Protection & Balance to your hot tub water.  SoftSkinSpa™ is a Product of Substance so you can See, Feel, Smell and Enjoy.

What is Ideal Water?


Ask yourself…What makes great water?  With over 3 Decades of experience and seeing every hot tub brand chasing products to make hot tubs more enjoyable, we feel that great water is having the feeling of soft, balanced, protected, clear and fresh smelling water.  SoftSkinSpa™ will give the feeling of Softness, Balance and Protection.  Creating clear fresh smelling water makes the perfect hot tub experience.  All the affects you want to have great water.  

Softness, Protection, Balance


SoftSkinSpa™ is more than just a premium hot tub water conditioner.  SoftSkinSpa™ is specially formulated to give the feeling of Soft water, Soft Skin and  Protection from the harshness of everyday hot tub chemicals, Plus it gives Balance for the waters PH, Total Alkalinity and Sanitizer with ease once a week dosing.   No more dry skin, damaged hair, fighting the waters PH or Alkalinity.  Who understands that anyway?  Stop being confused about your hot tub water and start enjoying it.   

Become a Dealer


If you are interested in becoming a dealer for Ideal Water Care™ and SoftSkinSpa™, please contact us to find out more.  You can email us at info@idealwatercare.com



1. Can I use SoftSkinSpa™ with Chlorine, Bromine or Biguanide sanitizers?  Yes, SoftSkinSpa™ works with all of them and enhances your hot tub experience.

2.  Is SoftSkinSpa™ a sanitizer?  No, but it does make your sanitizer work more efficiently. 

3. Have more questions?  Contact us, we would love to help you enjoy water again.

Simple and Easy


This one box contains 2 bottles of SoftSkinSpa™.  Each bottle holds 1 liter of SoftSkinSpa™, giving you 4-6 months of use in an average hot tub.  All you need is 1 oz of SoftSkinSpa™ per 100 gallons of hot tub water, once a week.

What does SoftSkinSpa™ do for you?



SoftSkinSpa™ will give you the feeling of Soft Water, Soft Skin and Soft Hair.  All it takes is a weekly dose of 1oz. per 100 gallons of hot tub water.  if you have a 400 gal. hot hot then you add 4 oz. of SoftSkinSpa™ once a week.  



SoftSkinSpa™ offers a level of Protection to your hot tub, your hot tub equipment and your body from the harshness of everyday hot tub chemicals.      



SoftSkinSpa™ helps you enjoy your hot tub water and not have to manage it.  We believe Water management should be Non-management.  SoftSkinSpa™ helps lock in your waters PH, Total Alkalinity and when you have Balanced water your sanitizer is more effective.